Sample Essay

Obesity and excessive weight has long been an issue with individuals, so much to the extent that it is sometimes referred to as pandemic. Taking on weight loss as a challenge, I would:

  1. Identify the target cues that stimulate eating such as heightened (or loss of) mood, inappropriate eating, perception of the eating habits of parents, and environmental factors that stimulate eating.
  2. Research (Piascik) techniques used for a weight management program. Gather data from all the sources below to determine your personality type and what exactly stimulates your eating. Control behaviors such as diet control, other sources of information such as health magazines, videos, seminars, informative sessions etc.
  3. Develop a usability framework on the most appropriate tools / techniques for this project and define a deadline. Record food intakes and moods at different times during the day. Personally experience behaviors that enhance or decrease motivation towards approaching your target weight.
  4. Associate rewards for positive reinforcement of behavior and increasing response.
  5. Monitor and control, usually by keeping daily diary for recording mood swings, events during the day that cause eating. Control factors would determine the success / failure of your program.
  6. Develop motivational models based on lessons learnt, at the end of a specified duration.

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