Sample Essay

(, 2008) We certainly have no doubt in accepting the importance of core competence in business development but there are certain barriers which are present while implementing core competence and sustainability in the organizational structure. These barriers are listed in the following:

  • Organizational behavior could be at times react as the barrier to the implementation of core competence because several employees might not agree with the terminologies and strategies of core competence and could refrain from it, resulting as a hurdle for the company
  • Lack of employee skills
  • Lack of tacit and explicit knowledge
  • Ignorance of the employees from the competitive edge
  • Misunderstanding of value creation of brands by the employees, customers or stakeholders
  • Lack of human capital, customer capital, and structural capital
  • Lack of enough resources which could contribute to the adequate advertising or publicity of the product or services provided by the company
  • Lack of resolving confliction capabilities in the provision of care and treatment of customers
  • Lack of working collaboration as a unified team
  •  Absence of adequate learning assessments

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