Sample Essay

(Hawkins and Shaw; 2004, p10) The whole attention of the main theme of this dissertation revolves around the topic of waste management. As stated above, the undesirable and unwanted substance which is produced in a resulted process or procedure is waste.

Whereas, waste management is the procedure through which this produced waste could be handled treated, collected or disposed off by following certain steps. Handling waste management is very crucial to the entire human being and the planet because it required the control of the waste produced because of the consumption of several materials and daily products through daily and industrial or domestic routine of the human generation. This is why the background and history of waste management is as old and historic as the history of human life. The matter of waste management has gained interest and attention of the global thinking minds with the passage of time and has become one of the most crucial and important topics revolving around the countries and governments. The increase in the advance technology and modern lifestyle has made human life easy and luxurious but it has also paved ways for many issues like waste management which is needed to be taken care of rapidly. However, the issue of waste management has been increasingly and distinctly synchronized in harmony by several groups who are finding their activities to be affected by the environmental and waste management aspects.

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