Sample Essay

In 1969 consortium of oil companies in USA announced plans to construct a pipeline fromAlaska’s North Slope to Valdez to reduce the dependency on oil imports, and to establish an ice-free port on Alaskan southeastern coast. First oil tanker shipment originated fromValdezon August 1, 1977 and it was estimated that around 75 tankers visit Valdez every month. Currently, crude oil fromAlaska’s North Slope accounts for roughly 25% of totalUSoil production. Alaskan consortium was made up of the seven closely linked oil companies in which Exxon was one of the largest (Davidson & Art, 1990)..

 On Friday, March 23, 1989, Shortly after midnight, the Exxon Valdez, a three-year-old 987-foot (333 meter) oil tanker, after filling 50 million gallons (1.25 million barrels ) of crude oil, moves away from the Valdez pipeline terminal at 9:26 P.M. On a trip to Californian Long Beach, this would take the vessel around five and a half days to reach its destination.

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