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Cyprusis basically a small populated island which is situated in the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea and is located near the country of Turkey. It has the population of around 660,000 citizens overall.

The whole population of Cyprusis divided into five major groups:

  • Turkish Cypriots – covering up to 18 percentage of the total population inCyprus.
  • Greek Cypriots – the majority population group of people inCypruswith approximately 78 percent from the entire island.
  • Latin Cypriots – goes up to 4 percentage of the population.
  • Maronites – comes under the minority group.
  • Armenians – another minority.

(Tauris, 2007, p64) TheislandofCyprushas seen the breeding of Turkish and Greek generations for more than five centuries, covering the majority part of the whole space. The Greeks and Turks practiced their religion and civilization with full freedom and their historic spiritual churches and mosques are still spontaneous in the present age.  TheCyprusconflict is under the international foreign foreground since ages. The issue ofCyprusmainly refers to the complicated intrusion matter and involves the foreign intervention to its homeland. Since the very beginning around 1600 BC,Cyprushas seen the generations of Greek population living in this island. With the passage of time,Cyprusobserved the change in time and empires to great extends. This small island has survived through different and multiple conquerors that came and invaded the land from time to time. These conquerors and rulers include the Egyptians, Persian rules; followed by the great warrior Alexander the great and seen the ruling period of Ptolemaic Egypt, which was later known as the Roman Empire in the book of history.

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