Sample Essay

Construction industry can be named as the sole of an economical state or the fuel to the success of economy for a country. Construction industry is basically related to many industries which grow along with those industries. Let these other industries be the household, housing, commercial or educational growth and enhancements in area, and there are so many to be listed.

Construction industry changes the face and condition of a country in so many ways. It helps the nation in developing more advancement, innovations in the technologies sector, and new horizons in the marketplace, improves the environmental impacts, and introduces new fields in the construction industry by increasing the number of job vacancies, working and business opportunities for everyone.

                (Fong, Shen Q; 2000, p319) While construction industry plays the role of being the backbone for the development and stabilizing the economic state of a country, the implementation of safety culture and safety environment for the construction industry is also needed as well vice versa. The industry of construction is not only beneficial but also vulnerable and dangerous for the people involved around because it involves high rate of risk and danger. The construction projects are of various kinds, they can be comprised of high level or multiple stories buildings or either small ones, but all of them need specific safety procedures to be incorporated.

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