Promotion will be achieved with the assistance of health fairs within the institution (Mcdavid and Hawthorn, 2005). During the fairs employees can receive free screenings like blood pressure checks. At the same time employees can be given publications obtained from national organizations like the national cancer institute and the American cancer society. An evaluation of the effectiveness of the programs is necessary in order to improve the policies fro present and future populations (McKenzie, Neiger and Thackeray, 2009). Evaluation will be carried out through reports from the administration. Through change in campaigns and enhancement of the programs the administration can increase participation.

The smoking cessation wellness model is broken into the following steps:

1)      Introduction to the cessation, the facilitators and participants.

2)      Explain the effects of nicotine on the body and brain.

3)      Have each participant detail reasons for quitting.

4)      Discuss their previous quitting experiences.

5)      Discussion on the triggers of smoking.

6)      Obtain quitting target from each participant.

Evaluation of quitting success as compared to the personal quit plan.

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