Sample Essay

 This topic would highlight the aspects of Information Technology which have supported the teaching and learning process in the education sector. The applications of IT has changed a lot in the education field since the last 15 years and all educational institutions including students are availing this facility for learning and teaching purposes with the help of IT (Pea, Wulf, Elliott, Darlin 5).

However, the availability of computers at school and home for students have also raised many issues for the educational leaders. IT has successfully saved time for the learners and teachers with the help of World Wide Web (www), where both the teachers and students could do research and find the relevant data conveniently. IT is used as a supportive learning tool which helps in extending the use of existing set of tools of learning. IT has been integrating into many classrooms for better learning and teaching purposes. IT has also helped the modern educational sector in improving skills, managing and handling information data, working, developing, forecasting, communicating, planning, monitoring, evaluating, measuring information sources, controlling and so many other fields where the teachers and students could manage their routines and talents simultaneously (Tatnall, Osorio, Visscher 3). Applications usually used for the learning purposes are Wordprocessor, Spreadsheet, Robotics and Database. Nonetheless, there are still some challenges for the teachers on using IT for reliable learning purpose which may required to be restructure for teamwork.

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