Sample Essay

People have compared set of individuals on different grounds. But the comparison has always been of greater challenge because the variables needs to be taken care of are too many when it comes to deduce concrete results. A human being is one of the most complex species on earth and understanding his behavior based on set of rules is more of a tedious and a task that needs great care.

The fact that women around the world work hard and fight every hurdle in order to achieve what they have in their minds is not hidden from any one. Some times they do it with their intelligence and sometimes with their extreme intensified efforts. But efforts towards anything are what count most. With effort and experience one gets smart. It’s nothing you are born with. A human being is very less what genetically he/she is but is what his environment or experience has moulded him/her to be. Some times the exposure and education make people develop intelligence and mostly they help them sharpen their own intellectual capabilities. The phenomenon is for all there is no limit of being men or women.  The comparison is not as simple both genders have their own abilities and natural tendencies. They should be judged independently with more emphasis given to their talents and performance accordingly. A comparison in this case is actually like comparing apples to oranges.

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