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This variation is noticed from the approved budget of 2010 and the projected budget of 2011, which may not approved in exact figures (See Appendix 3).

Revenues from provincial funding, particularly by subsidies, have been allocated to overtime budget in 2010 to ensure the proper utilization of provincial funds. Any consistency across the operational budget has been noticed in a 3-year nursing project from 2008 to 2011. This project has been providing a great and thorough assistance to the paramedic staff as the nursing hours were significantly increased to help paramedics in improving off-load delays. If the budget for the hiring of additional 30 staff is approved then this would be a positive sign for EMS to reduce pressures from off load delays

In 2011 the Central Ambulance Communications Centre has received 10 percent from the total recommended operating budget. The objective of provincial funding through subsidies, which increased by 2.4 percent to $2.28 million in the program summary of 2011 (See Appendix 1), is to increase efficiency in transportation and logistics. CACC is in the frontline of provincial funding which is not addressed in terms of budget allocation. To bring efficiency in meeting response time to emergency calls CACC has to be brought up as a driving force behind responsiveness (Cohen, Enriquez 2011).

These are the major issues that are facing the current recommended budget for 2011. Among these issues the most important one is the hiring of 31 staff in 2011 as a part of 3-year project and second is the proper utilization of provincial funds and revenue maximization to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of Central Ambulance Communications Centre (CACC). EMS must ensure the revision of huge discrepancy in services showed in the budget allocation. Moreover, there are some major issues in the operations and operation support services sides of EMS that have to be taken into consideration from the viewpoint of budget allocation, both of which cover 82 percent of the total budget.

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