Sample Essay

The Apple goals for its iphone are already mentioned in the strategic objectives section. However, strategy formulation determines steps on how to go about achieving those objectives. At the same the concept of strategy formulation also highlights the difference between a strategy and an objective.  There are various aspects and areas where Apple can formulate a strategy to ensure the sustainability of iphone in the market. This would take us into porter’s generic strategies (Kotler, Keller 13th Ed). It involves three strategies: Overall cost leadership, Differentiation and Focus. Using porter’s generic strategy for iphone we would use the differentiation strategy which in fact is the one that Apple currently uses for its iphone.

  • Differentiation: Iphone differentiates itself on various bases such as features, design, applications, user interface and technology. If we talk of iphone customization, the downloadable applications of iphone can be fully customized, which has to be an open source third party application (Quittner 2008). There are few third party clients that Apple rejects, therefore, the end-user application based control is safe but it does recall the previously held applications. This problem can be reduced by further relying on software developers instead of using direct applications. It would increase the quality and efficiency of the application for end users, which at the same time allows them to fully customize the applications. So the intense competition between the programmers and software engineers would not be threatened to any non-compliance issue to legal aspects, that may build a monopolistic attitude for the applications used (Elgan, 2007).

Besides applications, iphone differentiates on its patented features, which are more than 200 for a single product, which includes multi touch screen, enhanced web browsing and email, iPod, gaming and networking.

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