Sample Essay

The author claims that America is viewed as more supportive of Israel because Israel also supports the Two-nation theory while the Palestinians do not support a two-nation solution.

The other article analyzes the role of Americaduring the Holocaust. The article discusses the question of whether Americaignored the Jews during the Holocaust. This question is important because a number of critics specially from the Muslim world believe that there is Western sympathy for Israel, because it failed to do enough for the German and Central European Jews during the terrible years of the Holocaust. However this article questions this claim and says that Americadid to what it could to help the German Jews keeping in mind its own political and economic state at the time. The article explains ‘United Statesaccepted twice as many Jewish refugees as did all other countries put together. As the historian Gerhard L. Weinberg has shown, Rooseveltacted in the face of strong and politically damaging criticism for what was generally considered a pro-Jewish attitude.’ (American Heritage 5th June 2008 ‘America and the Holocaust’)

The article explains the number of refugees was checked becauseEastern Europealso started to  claim to the right to expel its Jewish population. This meant a possibility of 3.5 million immigrants which the Western countries could not have managed, and also there was a fear that this would be a sign to other authoritarian regimes that they could expel unwanted populations when they wanted. AlsoAmericait self was struggling economically with 25% of its population unemployed In conclusion it can be said that on the basis of analysis of these articles it is indicated that American leaders support forIsraelis not motivated by the thought of political advantage or guilt but by the genuine belief that the solution to the problem is the two-nation theory. Any such idea is completely rejected by most Palestinians.

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