Sample Essay

This Sura is complex and beautiful in many ways and a major source of guidance for Muslims then (at the time in which the Sura was written) and now.

Firstly, as this paper mentions earlier, the Sura deals with many practical aspects of life. The Sura basically exhorts its followers to be generous kind and intelligent in their charity. It is trying to encourage a nature which is sympathetic and sensitive to the plight of those around him/her, but seeks practically to alleviate their condition. It asks its follower’s.

‘And render to the kindred their due rights, as (also) to those in want, and to the wayfarer: But squander not (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift.( Al Isrâ’ Surah 17)

The Quran is trying to create the kind of human who is respectful of the rights of all those around him. This part of the Sura is filling a gap that existed in the social laws of the time. The Quran in this aspect of life is supposed to serve as a guiding light for the establishment of other social laws. None of them can be against the spirit of the laws that are already set in the Quran. These laws are designed to make Muslim society into a developed and just society, a far cry from the Arab society where women were so badly treated that there were frequent cases in which infant girl’s were buried to death as soon as they were born. The laws also give the Arab society a structure it did not have before.

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