Sample Essay

The story revolves around a couple of characters whose lives have been shaped by the circumstances and events. A mother living in woods along with her disabled daughter and both spend most of their time with the house-maid who herself has a nature of poking in others lives. The girl is living in depression caused by her shame and feeling of inferiority contributed by her childhood disability, even though she was highly educated but her psyche was greatly influenced by her brought up in an unusual consequence of living with an inability to walk. The text clearly points towards human tendency to reject divine authority when he faces adversity and starts believing in the ideas merely produced by his brain that are specifically trimmed by unhealthy environment around.

Human beings are the finest of the creations on earth as they have been blessed by the mind that has the capability to understand and react, but this capability if not used in a way to flourish their lives it could result in destruction, of the person and of society. Mind works with the variables fed into it via the environment and if an individual has not developed the ability to judge and then accept things chances are very high for this person to develop a thought process that could paralyze his optimism.

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