Sample Essay

Recent academic and market researches are focusing on what motivate the Generation Y, or Millenials and Echo-boomers as we are called, to act the way we do. These researches indicate that our generation is greatly affected by the 9/11 scenario as well as theIraqand Afghan War, Hurricane Katrina and have developed a much greater social consciousness and conscience than previous generations. Our greater familiarity and comfort with technology allows us to exhibit a much greater awareness of the world around us while also allowing us act on our social inclinations.

 Generation Y consists of people born between 1980 and 2000 and it is the most racially and culturally diverse cohort in the U.S. consisting of around 70 million individuals. It consists of young Americans aged 15 – 25 who are African-American, Hispanic and Asian in addition to the White American; with the diversity being largely driven by immigration.

The Echo-boomers volunteer to a greater extent than previous cohorts and actively seek employers who facilitate them in this regard. 61% of young people aged between 13 and 25 acknowledge Our responsibility in making a difference to Our societies according to a survey of 1,800 young people. A majority of this cohort actively volunteer at their preferred not-for-profit organizations (Jayson, 2006) .

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