Sample Essay

(Demetriou, p147-156)Cyprushas always been a challenge for the peacemaking organizations and especially for the United Nations to resolve this conflict. European Union has brought significant developments to the politics of the conflict. Even the efforts of the European Union were marked at the time of the 2004 referendum when65% of the population voted in favor and 75% of the population voted against the referendum. Joining the European Union was one of the steps that lead to major interest of the Union in theCyprusconflict matter. The main focus of the European Union has always been solving theCyprusconflict since the early 1990s.  Even if not all the evaluation methods have brought what method should be used to solve this problem, but the main focus has been cleared and catalyzed, and the focus is to provide peace to this piece of land. TheUnionalso presented some perfect illustrations of its catalysis and decision points in its 1999 meeting that were:

  • The solution that should be presented before agreement andCypruswould be a united country at the time of its independence, BUT
  • Attempt to fail to provide such a solution would not be dependent of the Greek Cypriot end, and Cyprus would be allowed to choose before presenting a solution; AND
  • Meanwhile,Turkeywould be considered to join the European Union.

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