Sample Essay

Now, the case of Amtrak is quite different. There was a walkout from the 8,000 workers of the company which was postponed with the reason that the company would hold a hearing at court. The company agrees, but the court hearing was postponed due to the congress who failed to provide proper funds to the Amtrak. Now, the employer Amtrak has nothing to do with this situation, but it still fears strike from the workers union.

In such situation, to minimize the effect of strike and to please the workers, the employer should make it sure that the third party is not involved in direct communications with theUnion. Amtrak should pay all the debts or wages before time to the employees and should make good communication with the workers in order to have good leadership and control over its employees. Apart from that, the company should pay incentives which shows that the company care for its workers and listen to their needs with attention and devotion. After doing all these efforts, the company should convey its thoughts to the workers that the company is not responsible for the cause of delay in the court hearing and it is ready to cooperate with the employees, and expect the employees to cooperate with the management of the company in return as well (

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