Sample Essay

The article covers changing trends in the physical distribution of music and the actual instrument through which people listen and the impact that these changes and trends have on their listening trends and the importance that music plays in their lives.

One trend and the impact that the article discusses is that of customization of music to suit the needs of the individuals who are listening. For music experts or aspiring musicians it is easy to use software to actually edit the music that they are listening too. However in a less dramatic but impactful is the growing trend of playlists. They have come to signify how individuals chose to express their mood or how they celebrate the theme for a particular event. These trends signify something for digital music  that was impossible for another format in which music was listened LP, cassette, records and CD’s and that is the involvement of the listener into his musical experience. In the modern era music has become about what it means to the listener and less on the musical expression of the musician. Basically these playlists allow listeners to use music to say something about themselves.

Another connected key issue that the author touches on is the experiences that a listener might have because of the additional physical presence of a cassette or a CD in contrast to the bytes of the digital world. The article claims that the tactile senses add to the experiences of listening to the music and add history and character to the music the listener is playing or when he is choosing to play it or buy it. There is however no emotional context to bytes and as the author explains.

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