Sample Essay

The alcohol consumed here is of low quality and very destructive to health.  According to the author many tenement owners and citizens in general blame the poverty and filth of the masses on this poisonous brew that they consume. Many families have been destroyed because the little that the bread-earner managed to bring in was wasted on alcohol.

An important issue connected both to alcohol and crime is the impact that it has on the children in New-York. Although legally forbidden from serving children the author’s research has indicated that this law is not respected at all. The alcohol and the company that he finds in the saloons destroys any hope the future that boy might have outside the crime and poverty of the tenements. As the author writes

‘For the corruption of the child there is no restitution. None is possible. It saps the very vitals of society; undermines its strongest defences, and delivers them over to the enemy. ………………, baffling the most persistent efforts to reclaim him. There is no escape from it; no hope for the boy, once its blighting grip is upon him.’.( Riis A Jacob ‘How the Other Half Lives-Studies Among the Tenements of New York’ )

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