Sample Essay

There can’t by another explanation of Islamism but just that it’s like the other utopian schemes that have been proposed and adopted worldwide and provides its followers ways and guidelines to control a state, take measures that help running a society and extend philosophies in order to re-make human beings inhabiting that state. The concept has been given an Islamic touch but overall it’s a totalitarian scheme.

It embodied a complete transformation of the actual traditional Islam. It has an element of modernization, for instance it deals with issues related with a modern society, address problems arises in urban living and modern day women issues, and it provides guidance for the non-traditional problems faced by my occupations. It completely ignores Islamic principle of restricting laws and regulations to the individual and society rather it tries to inject geographically restricted rules in its effort to come at par with western style geographic law. It’s not a system that has evolved as result of poverty and money. It’s a reaction to modernization by those thinkers that try to find their own ways out in changing world environment and politics. Many educated people are Islamists and running their states according to their own ideology.  Islamism has been evolved lately as a huge force that is responsible for running countries likeIran,SudanandAfghanistan. InAlgeria,Egypt,Turkey,Lebanon, andPalestinethey exists as the strong opposition force. Though its been observed that Islamists are not in majority but even if they consists of minority it’s a very active one.

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