Sample Essay

The aim of the research conducted through this dissertation is to analyse the UTC Plc Nigeria Company and determine the roots and the sources of its problems related to marketing, branding and positioning in the Nigerian market. The aims of the research is to point out and highlight the strategies for marketing its retail operations, its products and its brands that can be used by the UTC Plc Nigeria Company to attain a better position in the retail industry in Nigeria and increase its value amongst the target market. This is undertaken by analysing the marketing strategies used by the top competitors in the global retail industry and applying them to the local region ofNigeria. The aim of the dissertation as a result is to identify the marketing strategies that can be used by UTC Plc Nigeria Company to solve the problems that it faces pertaining to its branding, image building and positioning of retail operations inNigeria.

The problem faced by the UTC Plc Nigeria Company was determined through an initial analysis of the company, its operations and its market position. The resultant problem uncovered pertained to lack of proper implementation and use of marketing strategies for its operations inNigeria. The purpose of the dissertation is to determine research and analyse the marketing strategies that are used by the top retailers in the global retail industry and conclude how these can be modified to suit the Nigerian market and improve the marketing of the UTC Plc Nigeria Company. The research results provide solutions that have the effect of alleviating some of the problems and issues the company is facing in its operations inNigeria.

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