Sample Essay

Both pieces of writing are commentaries on the racial issue (black/white) as it applies to America.

The Paradox by Orlando Patterson covers many issues that are relevant to the black minority in America. The article provides a thorough analysis citing both the advancements that have been made in racial equality and integration, including material and social successes made. However he also provides a detailed account of some of the areas where advancement is still needed and some of the issues which will need a lot of attention and focus if they are to be solved. The other article an analysis on Dubois’s essays and sketches points out the major points his work makes and the important issues that they address.

One of the most important issue that needs to be discussed is the advancement in the state of the African-American community. Some of the key statements given in support of this idea is the rise of many African-American’s to a well-established middle class position in American society and the rise of many members of this minority to key political positions in American social and political life. One of the article cites Colin Powell as such a high-profile individual however no one serves as a better example of this today then the American President Barack Obama.

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