Sample Essay

Supermarkets have the biggest advantage in terms of food and product safety. In recent times, food safety has taken a higher priority at all levels since it is one sector with a high risk of initiating illnesses. Products not kept in the right temperature can lead to illnesses such as diarrhoea, vomiting and other diseases.

Although the illnesses are treatable, yet, the cost of it ends up affecting other sectors in the form of sick leave and increase in the costs of healthcare bills. The food municipalities all over the world ensure that the supermarkets keep products at the right temperature and are following the strict guidelines in order to ensure public health safety.  Failure in adhering to guidelines results in heavy fines or in closure. Thus, the major reason for consumers to do their shopping from supermarkets stems from the security that the products are not expired or will not go bad as guidelines are being followed. The clean environment with the security of non-expired products eases consumers from many worries and tensions.

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