Sample Essay

Apparel industries have become an important part of the overall economic wheel for any nation, accounting for an increased percentage of the overall growth of an economy, through various means. These apparel industries initially faced a lot of problems and criticism amidst strict policies for export, manufacturing, design and inventory control that prevented them to reach customers in a faster manner.

With a timely intervention of the WTO, and subsequent technological advancements adopted by companies, businesses have now reinvented themselves to compete in this ever intense arena, through various innovative means, such as reduced lead times, controlled inventories, lower labour costs, increased sourcing, and an enhanced globalization phenomenon that has helped many to rise again.

This research project is aimed at identifying how the apparel industry functions, globally and regionally, and how are companies operating in the newly emergent economies such as China and Hong Kong. The project will also aim to identify the significance of a brand’s image in developing the overall equity of an organization, as well as the close relationship between brand equity and consumer’s behaviour.

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