Sample Essay

Activities resulting in impact on the organization having a higher probability can be minimized through appropriate identification by effectively using the information provided above and carry out actions required to mitigate these risks:

Misuse of Organization’s Confidential Information – The organization can control the quantity of information available to employees through appropriate security management procedures and appropriate steps to ensure no confidential information is leaked outside the organization. The organization should also use significant means to regulate that no confidential information is discussed on the publicly available sources of the internet. In case if it becomes an utmost necessity for the organization to display this information to its employees, suppliers and other partners on the network, it should do so with extreme care and concern by ensuring commitment of non-disclosure of this information by all partners with which this information is being shared.

Disloyalty of employees – The organization can regulate the activities of its staff and prevent them from sharing any information over the web by sharing the organizations vision and objectives that can be achieved through its employees. The organization can also engage its employees in various meetings aimed at encouraging staff to participate in setting up trends in attract people to support their good cause through social networking activities. Engaging employees in organizational decision making enforces behavior of positivism among employees and ensures high amount of organizational citizenship behavior among employees, creating the feelings of being valued by the organization. This would create a workforce where employees go ‘an extra mile’ to ensure successful achievement of the organization’s goals.

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