Sample Essay

The paper seeks to improve the operations and the performance of the UTC Plc Nigeria Company, specifically the Kaduna State Branch. The culture and the current marketing initiatives used by competitors inNigeriahave been identified and studied. These are interpreted in terms of their effectiveness. Simultaneously the strategies used by the established leaders in the supermarket industries like Wal-Mart have also been studied to identify the marketing techniques that work best in different cultures and regions.

This task is undertaken by launching a research that is covered by the dissertation. The research studies the marketing tactics used by the top players and competitors in the global retail. The dissertation points out the marketing approach that can be implemented by UTC Plc Nigeria Company to improve its operations, sales and positioning in the region. However it needs to be highlighted that when the retail market inNigeriawas researched upon, not much information was available on the internet and there was no information available on the internet or through journal databases on the marketing strategies that are employed by Nigerian retailers. As a result the dissertation identifies the marketing tactics employed inNigeriathrough qualitative interviews and questions asked form the UT Plc Kaduna State Branch management. 

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