Sample Essay

Another Korean mother Mrs. Choon, is employed in a nursing home in Ohio on a work visa. Her 12 year old son, Shi Choon used to live back home. She paid an American couple about $ 30 000 to adopt her son. These were her lifelong savings but she spent them in this way because she believed it would mean a better life for her son.

He would not only receive world class American education but would also escape from the military service compulsory for all Korean young men. Shi recalled the first time he traveled outside Seoul. The officer at the airport asked him whether he wanted Mr. and Mrs. Smith as his parents. He wanted to say no and wished they would send him back home to his loving grandparents. Then he recalled his mother’s wishes and responded that yes he wanted to live with these new Americans as their legal child. He then embraced his mother after years of separation and felt a pang of rejection when he realized that he had traveled thousands of miles not to live with her but with strangers. He remembers stepping out of the airport and marveling at the huge buildings, the flashy cars and dazzling billboards.

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