Sample Essay

The statement I wish to propose as the premise of my thesis is manifold based on a number of reasons. The research has been aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Underline the behavioral aspects of the decision makers in Enron’s Management
  2. Identify the overall structure of how the organization was directed under these individuals.
  3. Discuss Enron’s strategy to systematically create “gaps” in information reporting, especially SPEs to hide debts incurred in billions of dollars
  4. Management’s influence on financial auditors to “pass on” information during the processes, in the form of huge fees, supporting 27% of their operations
  5. Ken Lay’s personal disregard for his employees, touting good news towards employees while the management was busy selling their part of the stock in the company

Based on the above reasons, following is the statement that would serve as the guiding principle for my research:

“In an attempt to identify the relationships, organizational and individual, that played a part in Enron’s fall, I will highlight the reasons that led to the eventual failure of Enron, the role played by individuals serving the management of Enron to hide information from their employees, stakeholders and the general public to elude failures and heavy losses incurred due to malpractices and willful fraudulent activities.”

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