Sample Essay

I have seen so many people in their big cars, wearing Armani suits and Gucci glasses, throw out something or the other from their car windows onto the street, that I have stopped counting.

For many people I know, education is a sort of training that will eventually be the key to a successful career. I however believe true education means being taught the values that are so important in life. True education is more than just the key to financial success, which is just training to become a doctor for example, or a business person. A truly educated person is, I fell, someone who is kind and selfless. Someone who feels responsible for his or her actions as a person and a human being. It is understanding that there are some things more important than money and that principles do count. I feel that the decisions that we make as people define us, and those decisions depend on the education we receive. Education is not just something that I just receive in the classroom. Everyday I learn something new about life, about people and about values from my parents, my grandparents and from books. I feel that education should teach us the difference between right and wrong. It should teach us to think about the consequences of our actions. In my opinion true education is not being able to locate where a city lies on a map, but being understanding and tolerant.

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