Sample Essay

The most important part of any company if it wants to be successful is excellent human resource personnel. Companies who manage to keep their employees happy and content reap rewards in terms of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, high profits and increased sales of the product and service coupled with goodwill and a good image in the job market for prospective employees. A good leader whether it is someone from the top management or the departmental head will always succeed if he knows his employees well.

The more knowledge one has about the employees working for them the fairer the manager can be regarding his decisions about the training, promotion and mentoring of the employee rather than being unfair and prejudiced about the employee’s capabilities. Knowledge of employees does not necessarily put employees at a disadvantage of facing a bias from the manager because a leader will never exploit his employees or those who he is in charge of. A leader always wants his team to shine and perform better than any other team in the organization, therefore the more knowledge a manager or leader has about his team members and what can be done to improve their performance in terms of morale and productivity and compliment their strengths and correct their weakness, he will be able to lead by example and get better results from the team members because it will create a sense of belonging among the employees and an environment of mutual understanding and care and the employees will feel that they are cared for (Cohen)

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