Sample Essay

A Dream in Hanoi is Shakespeare’s Mid Summer Night’s Dream staged in a Vietnamese performance which also happens to be the outcome of American and Vietnamese collaboration twenty five years after the Vietnam War. In other words, it is a Berkeley produced documentary focusing on a bilingual and multicultural version of the original play.

It is a collaboration of a theatrical company from each country, namely, Repertory Theater and The Central Dynamic Company of Vietnam which joined hands through technical and theatrical expertise to produce a fine piece of art amidst cultural, linguistic and geographic boundaries and most importantly, their history of war quite recent to an extent. It was deemed as a project that aimed at bridging the gap between the two nations that once were enemies.

Viewers got to witness the value addition of a few characters by the Vietnamese director, Doan Hoang Giang to add to the disappointment of the American director and producer while later strict American time schedules were much grieved upon, thereby, making rehearsals a misfit between the two nationalities.

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