The dissertation focuses on the UK retail sector during Christmas and how retailers perform during the holiday Season. The aim of the dissertation is to provide insight into how retail businesses and similar organizations fare in terms of their performance and growth during the Christmas season in theUK. In order to determine this, two companies, Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser have been selected that have been closely tracked and researched for their performance during the Christmas holiday season in UK. The research aims to compare the performance of Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser to determine the successful strategies that can be used by other retailers in the UK to increase their sales and profits during the Christmas season.

The undertaken study uses historical data to determine the performance of the retailers in theUKretail industry during Christmas period and to determine the effect of marketing strategies and promotion on influencing the demand for products and services amongst the target market. The researcher has made use of the study results to arrive at a list of recommendations that can aid the retailer in increasing their sales growth, performance and foot traffic in their stores during the Christmas holiday season.

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