(Flüeler, 2006, p69) Every business or work has a particular purpose which helps in developing the state of work of that project. Waste management is separate industry which has its own particular and specific aims and objectives. The purpose why waste management is being practiced around the world is to ensure the safe air, water and environment.

Waste management helps in many things. It helps in developing the modern industry and technology, takes care of the all sort of wastes being produced by these companies and businesses, handles the present load of waste, treats it through many methods and then disposes off or recycles it again for better use. Another aim to which waste management works is to ensure a better roadmap for the industries and companies and to create the know-how of keeping the surrounding safe and sound with good environment around us. This study will help in getting the know how of waste management so that we could see the background of the previous era, analyze the surroundings, see the problems faced because of the waste produced by different companies, acknowledge the importance of waste management and its methods and the performance shown by waste management.

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