Case studies are comprehensive enquiries of persons, assemblies, organizations or other shared components. The researcher, who is carrying out a case study, tries to investigate the variables applicable to the subject under study (Polit and Hungler, 1983, p.223). The standard division between case study and other research methods is that the aim of observation is the individual case and not the entire community or complete scenario of organization. Most case studies’ researchers seek out prevalent and persistent phenomenon. However, in case study, the aim may not be simplification but comprehending the details in complexity of the case itself. A case study’s focal point is an enclosed scheme, generally under usual situation, so that the scheme can be appreciated in its own environment (Stake, 1988, p.43). The goals of case study research can be extended from a simple event to a detailed picture of the organizational practice.

The case study procedure permits examiners to keep the complete and significant uniqueness of real-life events, like organizational and managerial operations and decisions. As the researcher has little command over events in a case study, normally it represents the chosen day occurrence inside some real-life situation. A case study might be an explanatory one also, depending on the kind of study inquiry, the span of command a researcher has over real attitudinal events, and the level of objectivity on the selected day. There are further more exploratory and descriptive case studies available in companies’ analyses form. As an issue of interest, a general concern about case studies proposed by their critics, is that they supply little basis for technical overview, also they can be generalized to theoretical propositions but not to populations or universes. So we can say that case study cannot be treated as a sample, as it is used to generalize ideas not to specify statistical generalization as in the case of samples in quantitative analysis (Yin, 2003a, p.10).

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