Referencing definitely needs improvement. It is unclear in lines 35-49 of page 2, whether the author is still referring to the “Beckers and Bsat (2002)” reference. On page 5 from line 68 to 73, the author gives the definition of the term “information systems development methodology’. However, here again no reference is given.

In Page 1 line 74 he says that “main problem of this transition is how to select best vendor who can built successful package for the new system (HRIS)”. However, he has not given relevant evidence from literature to support the fact that the main problem is in fact vendor selection. Also the reasons he has given to show the importance of vendor selection are broad generalizations

He/she has discussed management issues involved in introducing HRIS and has discussed the privacy issue at great length. These are very valid issues and the author has discussed them with the required depth. However, employee satisfaction is always an important issue in the corporate world. If HRIS is being introduced, it is important to assess the employees’ readiness for it. Satisfaction levels of employees from companies which already have this system in place would help to more completely convince the reader that HRIS is indeed better. The author has discussed this issue briefly in a paragraph titled “Comfort of employees to new technology” on page 4. However, in my opinion it is an issue that deserves further attention and would help improve the paper’s acceptability.

It is presumptuous to assume that one will be able to discuss all possible issues…

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