Providing an overview of what human resources management is really about, the literature review will then focus on the latest HRM theories that are being considered at this time. The focus will then be on the UK public sector HRM followed by some papers that are available on some of the industries in the Jordan HRM sector to truly determine and critique the issues at hand in the Jordan sectors.

Human resource management basically covers the business management aspect of people in the organization. The facets of this discipline include: people, organizations, and people in organizations, motivation and commitment at work, group and teamwork, structuring work, defining jobs, learning, compensation, recruiting, firing, hiring, employee and organizational policies regarding code of conduct, training, and employee career development and so forth. Moreover, HRM is responsible for setting the culture of the organization as it sets the regulatory framework for the organization within which employees are to conduct themselves. In saying thus some authors have suggested that while HRM is indeed the saviour and is the key success factor, (Ulrich, 2009), critics of HRM suggest that while there is a lot of hype created for the merits of HRM, it really does not warrant the share in profits and in large salaries and bonuses as is being done in U.K. today. (Sanghera, 2010)

Sanghera goes to a length and says that while HRM officials are the ones seeking salary cuts and downsized workforce in order to reduce costs, they tend to be lenient for their own department and tend to cut down on labor and employees that are actually required. In the aftermath of downsizing, these departments then suffer from low morale and the survivors are laden with more work than ever before, leading in fact to a fall in productivity. While the author is not in favor of getting rid of the entire department, it does indicate that there is really no need for the officials to be paid as highly, for doing less work that is designated to them. (Sanghera, 2010)

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