The analysis of the completed survey will be in two steps. Foremost, the questionnaire will be put into SPSS for analysis. The answers will consist of two open-ended questions regarding the job description and the role of the employees in the organization. The rest of the questions will all be scaled on a Likert Rating scale for ease of answering and analysis. These answers will be coded in SPSS and a descriptive analysis will be carried out foremost to understand the profile of the market. Other techniques that will be used include ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) to understand the employees’ opinions better and to lend valuable insights into the perceptions of public sector employees.

However, each of the markets may have a different set of perceptions and might have a different underlying opinion trend. In order to unearth this, the respondents will be coded 1 and 2- 1, for U.K. public sector employees and 2 for Jordanian public sector employees.

As far as the overall recommendations and conclusions are considered, there will be a combination of secondary research and primary research-based opinion findings.

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