Sample Paper

The following provides the analysis of the Wal-Mart Inc. case where the current strategies of the company are evaluated against the performance of the company in terms of its market position, the competition and the changing external environment of the business. The source problem pertaining to the company strategy and the resulting declining profits and revenues for the company have been highlighted. In order to improve the profitability of the company, various short term as well as long term strategies are recommended based on evidence from the case as well as form eternal sources of information pertaining to the performance of Wal-Mart in the past years.

The Wal-Mart Company is an international chain of supermarket, hypermarkets as well as retail stores founded by Walton in 1962. The strengths of the companies pertain to its string network of franchises and stores, its distribution and supply chain management system as well as the brand name of the company in the market. The proposition of the company is a diverse variety of prices under one roof at the lowest prices in the market. Currently the Wal-Mart Company is positioned as the leading company in the retail industry and the following case highlights the problems faced by the company pertaining to its operations.

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