119-“on the desk” modifies “the pen” and “a book with the pen” we can have “A book with the pen on the desk” or “the pen on the desk” or “a book on the desk”. These three make sense. Example: A number of plumbers appeared at the edge of the forest.

120-the sentences are not correct they should read “I will go to school by car” going “with” a car implies that you are going together with the car, “by” means that you will be in the car.

Example: I am going to the city by bus.

121-the sentences are correct we can also have “there is a pillow without a cover”. The prepositions phrase “without cover” modifies “a pillow”. In the second sentence “without car” modifies acts like a verb, for it describes the action of going to school.

Example: You can go to the Jazz game with us.

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