Sample Essay

However more stated that Christianity was growing because of teachings which continues to show the importance the religion held even in the most radical of circles. From an artistic perspective, it is an application of a style developed by Leonardo known as Sfumato which literally means to disappear like smoke. This is a reflection of the fine shading done by Da Vinci and the transitions between dark and light that occur in the painting giving the representation of an illusion in the horizon.

Finally Goya’s “Spells” can be seen to differ a lot from those previously analyzed in a variety of ways. It is a representation of a horrific scene whereby witches with babies in their baskets stand over a boy with one reaching out for it, presumably to add to the collection. The shaded scenes represent darkness and the owls in the horizon along with the night sky present a sense of perspective about the painting. The witches carry disfigured faces while the expression on the child’s face is one of genuine fear. Goya basically represents human misery in a satirical but nightmarish fashion here. In essence it can be said to capture the troubles ofEuropewith regards to food when infanticide was ripe and theories of witches were common in an era of doubt and trouble inEuropewhich was followed by magnificent development.

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