Sample Essay

This signifies the position of man and how the sculpture by Bernini stands out in its features. It also relates to an unseen entity, the foe towards which David is aiming which gives it a new dimension. A fraction of time as it were is represented in the sculpture which is part of a broader setting and an expression of force and frown is captured in the face.

The Madonna of the Rocks was another one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s finest works that relates to the subject of Christianity. It depicts the legend of meeting between John the Baptist and baby Jesus on the flight to Egypt. This is again a testament of the central power of the Church in society and its importance in people’s beliefs. It was even an integral part of Thomas More’s work Utopia in which the author describes the characteristics of a truly well functioning, harmonious and prosperous society. In theory in such a society all religions were accorded equal treatment and everybody pronounced the prayer:

“…but, if they are mistaken, and if there is either a better government, or a religion more acceptable to God, they implore His goodness to let them know it.”

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