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The piece of work by Garlinski also goes into the depths of the Polish Underground’s efforts to liberate the inmates of Auschwitz. This is described as Pilecki’s main objective for the formation of the ZOW. His dream was a coordinated assault on the camp from within with help from partisan forces from outside. However, it did not get the backing of the Polish Army headquarters which deemed the SS garrison too strong in the camp and the countryside support too weak for such an assault in which the Germans would surely be reinforced from the adjoining areas. However, the author tries to make it understandable why the Poles failed in their efforts for an assault on the camp.

            Overall, this book is a good read with some insightful accounts into Auschwitz. Garlinski proves the existence of an effective Polish Underground in the camp and even illustrates how the approaching Communist forces had little to do in its inception and its operations.

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