Sample Essay

The story revolves around Witold Pilecki, a leader of the outlawed Polish Army, who is reported to have allowed himself to be captured by the Nazis who promptly put him in Auschwitz. This was a scheme hatched by him to initiate the military underground in the camp. Once inside, Pilecki was able to make a small outfit consisting of Polish nationals of varying ideologies called the Union of Military Organization or ZOW as it was known to the Poles.

ZOW was able to make the conditions a bit better for many of the inmates of Auschwitz. They were even able to make clandestine contact with the local underground operating in the area and opened small channels of communication with the headquarters of the Polish Army. The remarkable leader was even able to transmit radio messages from the transmitter hidden in the camp at his life’s peril. A number of the members of this clandestine group had to make grave sacrifices, sometimes enduring torture and many got murdered as well.

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