Sample Essay

The other wise decision that was taken by the company in order to attain the contract from the major car manufacturers pertaining to the adoption of the new engine related to the applying negotiating strategies and understanding their customers before pursuing them with their product propositions. The company of Orbital Engine Corporation undertook extensive research in terms of getting to know the automobile industry giants, their business and the people running these businesses.

By undertaking such measures, the company was able to gather information about their prospective clients and the target marketing terms of what their requirements were, what problems they were facing and how they would react to the proposition of the two stroke engine technology put forward by the Orbital Engine Corporation. Other important and good decision for marketing the two stroke engine by the company pertained to testing the engines limited number of cars manufactures d by the target market of the company including the Porsche and the Ford cars. This provided the clients of the company with an actual demonstration of how effective the engines were in the real environment specific to their cars.

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