Sample Essay

The methodology for the analysis and the presentation of the whiteness as a social construct of the society has been conducted in a literature review format by the author. Doane has used different authors and has cited their words relevant to the topic. He has supported his theory pertaining to the whiteness being a social construct even in the modern society through these evidences. The author established that the concept of whiteness was constructed in American history as a result of diverse groups of people existing in the region.

However as the majority of the people were white, and these people were the ones ho enjoyed the wealth and power in the society as well as basic human rights, they were attributed to being better than the others giving rise to the concept of white supremacy. These others included then minorities like the small number of Asians, the Native Americans as well as the blacks. The blacks of America however were legally assigned the title of African Americans and were established as American citizens through the passage of the 1866 Civil Rights Act. However the racial discrimination and the unjustified white supremacy still exists and as a result a rift is present between the blacks and the whites in theUSin terms of white supremacy.

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