Western civilization unlike its prehistoric civilization is no longer directed by Agriculture, but rather by organized trade and industry. Despite the progresses, the western Christianity still views Islamic faith in the same light. Western civilization always associates its political and cultural identity with Christian religious views. Following the early wars with Muslims western civilization still judge Islamic practices suspiciously.

It is this suspicion that forms the basis for the diverse views between the east and the west and the reactions of both civilizations. The western world has embraced Islam as a religion of law which is carried from the 7th century Islamic doctrines that are applied to business, politics and culture. Unfortunately such doctrines have been used by Islamic fundamentalists to force their laws into societies they enter. The use of laws by Islam has often caused western civilization to deal with them harshly or use wide spread Christianity. The use of the Shari’a law by Islam to further its causes western civilization to retaliate with the call for democracy and fairness.

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