Civilization is that particular style of living which may be adopted under the impact of a particular culture. Western civilization is spread all across Europe, the United States of America and other parts of western world. This civilization includes all aspects of life- economic, political, religious, education, social, recreational, etc.

It is a common belief that western civilization is thriving on a single principle: material success. This civilization is also referred as materialistic civilization. Science has made tremendous advancement in different spheres of life and these advancements have mainly emerged in western civilization. A large number of means or recreation, amusement and entertainment first erupt in western world then circulate in other parts of the world. The first population that enjoyed the comforts of science and technology was western population. The main force that worked behind industrialization was western civilization.

The goddess of science has blessed the western civilization but its demerits are no less significant. Science and machinery have been superimposed upon other cultures and have shown themselves such powerful solvents that they tend to put an end to not only what was bad but also to what was good in primitive cultures. Family which is the first cradle of man, is gradually disappearing from western civilization. The disturbance of family life in America is more desperate than any other period in our history. Religion has also lost its hold on people. The moral development of man or moral values has been totally neglected. There is too much sexual freedom which triggers other social problems. Apart from that, America is one of the richest countries of the world, yet it is surprising to note that the greatest number of murders is committed there.

The forces of nature which were harnessed by science for the benefit of humanity, are now employed in the destruction of mankind in the form of deadly weapons. The two World Wars were the contribution of western civilization. Wars which were formally confined to the battle front between two armies, has now spread their field of devastation in which civilian population have become the victims of ruthless weapons of wholesale destruction, which are the products of highly scientific brains of west.

The influence of the western civilization is getting dominated throughout the world. Other civilizations are aspiring to be like western civilization without considering the evil side of western civilization. It is always good to struggle for the betterment, however, the things that can cultivate hatred and destruction must be avoided be every single civilization for the sake of humanity.