Watson and Skinner further asserted that most characters in violent cartoon shows often go unpunished even if they commit murder or crime, an act that is un called for (328). Such cases tend to breed violence and crimes among children who through the shows are made to believe that instance of crime are not punishable.

Research has also showed that various programs that are aired on TV cause arousal effects on children. Generally, TV shows are known to be stimulating and stirring to children and, therefore, easily stir them. However, such excitement can sometimes be wrongly utilized by children and becomes a part of their habits thereby resulting in “aggressive behaviors” (Singer and Singer 239). In fact, most children who watch wrestling might presume wrestling friends immediately after watching such violent TV programs. Such acts of aggression often result from the children’s desire to practice what they might have seen on violent TV shows. Similarly, some children have, in one way or the other, surprised their parents or guardians on the way they behave especially after they encountered certain violent TV shows. Such instances are attributed to “variation in children’s information processing abilities” (Singer and Singer 228). Therefore, it shows that violent TV shows can result in aggressive behaviors, either immediately or after a long period of TV encounter.

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