Sample Essay

The Egyptians were fortunate in that they had a more predictable river in the form of the Nile which wrought less destruction via flooding. They were also able to manage their water resource through a technique called basin irrigation (Mays, 156). This involved constructing network of ditches or basins near the river where flood water was directed and allowed to stay for an amount of time, making the soil fertile after which plantation could begin, siphoning the water off to other basins.

Technological developments aimed at collecting water from the river also kept coming such as the “shaduf” which was a rudimentary wooden water lifting device, and the “noria” which was basically an early water wheel (Mays, 178). Although water was crucial, it was available in substantial amounts and was not a matter of contention, with decision making and distribution rights being a matter for the farmers to deliberate while the state kept away from it (Fiero, 26). There also has been little evidence of a law decreeing the prescribed way of water management which confirms the control over demand of the resource at the time.

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