Sample Essay

When the inability of South Vietnam to hold its own against the communist guerrillas dawned upon the American high command, it started increasing its military presence in the region, eventually stretching its forces to over half a million in 1968. This was a typical battle between the pro-democracy south supported by the US and the NLF guerrillas drawn primarily from the peasant population of the country but militarily backed by the communist forces (David 1991).

The beginning years of the war saw increasing casualties for the American forces who found it tough to negotiate through the terrain and the guerrilla tactics of the communist forces. This was made worse by the uncertain position towards the war at home. As the body bag count mounted and opposition to the campaign grew in campuses across the US, it reached a precipice with the surprising Tet Offensive by the communist forces (David 1991). Although it was of little military value, it produced a psychological effect on the Americans who started calling for an end to US participation in the war. Renouncing interests in the region however was not something favorable for the super power and it maintained other forms of support for South Vietnam. However, they quickly got overwhelmed and the combined Vietnam became a communist state. This marked a failure for the US and a big victory for the communist powers.

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